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Choose a plan
that’s right for you

A simple way to get started
for teams new to Miro
What’s included:
Unlimited team members
5 editable boards
Have this number of active boards editable at once, while all others are view-only.
Unlimited board viewers
Premade templates
Core integrations
Jira Cards (limited), Slack, Trello, Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, and Unsplash.
5 members
5 members
6 members
7 members
8 members
9 members
10 members
11 members
12 members
13 members
14 members
15 members
16 members
17 members
18 members
19 members
20 members
21 members
22 members
23 members
24 members
25 members
26 members
27 members
28 members
29 members
30 members
31 members
32 members
33 members
34 members
35 members
36 members
37 members
38 members
39 members
40 members
41 members
42 members
43 members
44 members
45 members
46 members
47 members
48 members
49 members
50 members
51 members
52 members
53 members
54 members
55 members
56 members
57 members
58 members
59 members
60 members
61 members
62 members
63 members
64 members
65 members
66 members
67 members
68 members
69 members
70 members
71 members
72 members
73 members
74 members
75 members
76 members
77 members
78 members
79 members
80 members
81 members
82 members
83 members
84 members
85 members
86 members
87 members
88 members
89 members
90 members
91 members
92 members
93 members
94 members
95 members
96 members
97 members
98 members
99 members
100 members
Per month billed annually
$10/user/month billed monthly
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For small teams looking to boost
their collaboration and workflow
All Free features, plus:
Unlimited boards
Organize boards within and manage permissions for your workspace.
Custom templates
Build, share, and reuse your custom templates with your entire team.
High-resolution exports
Premium integrations
All Core integrations, plus Rally, Jira, and Jira Cards (full).
Custom pricing
Please contact us for more info
For companies that need
advanced features and security
All Team features, plus:
Advanced security, including domain
filtering and audit logs
Dedicated customer success manager
Personalized onboarding program
Access to premium support
Security review and MSA support

Using Miro to work with clients?

Consultant Plan
For consultants and agencies working
with client teams
For consultants and agencies working
with client teams
Unlimited boards
Day passes for occasional collaborators
Provide 24-hour full access for occasional collaborators.
Custom templates
Private workspaces for easy organization
Have a private, secure workspace to keep and organize work for each client.
External editors
Allow users external to your Miro account to have editing rights.
Per user per month billed annually
$15/user/month billed monthly
Number of Editable Boards
Number of Team Members
Anonymous Users
Allow anonymous viewing or commenting on a board with a public link, no sign in required.
View Only
Commenters &
Configurable Sharing
Premade Templates
Utilize our robust library of pre-built templates for your needs.
Content Search
Search boards by criteria like creator, content, and more.
Board Exports
Export boards to .jpg, .pdf, or .csv files for easy sharing.
Learn more about our integrations here.
Jira Cards (limited), Slack, Trello, Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, and Unsplash.
All Core integrations, plus Rally, Jira, and Jira Cards (full).
Have your team vote on favorite ideas, in workshops, and more.
Keep meetings and workshops on schedule with a built-in timer.
Organize boards within and manage permissions for your workspace.
External Editors
Allow users external to your Miro account to have editing rights.
Sharing & collaboration
Real-Time Collaboration
Work with your distributed team members on your boards in real time.
Video Chat
Collaborate via video chat right in the Miro platform.
Private Board Sharing
Manage board access rights to share with specific team members.
Administration & security
Authentication via Google
Manual Backup
Download, save, and restore boards as needed.
Use single sign-on to log into Miro.
Automatically provision users and manage their permissions with the SCIM API.
Advanced User Management
Use bulk actions, advanced filtering, and sorting to manage user roles and licenses.
Enterprise-Grade Security
Rely on a dedicated SLA, robust encryption and data segregation functionality, and more.
Configurable Sharing
Whitelist domains, manage non-team users, and disable sharing boards via public links.
Audit Logs
Integration / Plugin Management
Allow account administrators to manage access to integrations and plugins.
Unlimited Teams/Workspaces
Have an unlimited number of private workspaces/teams for your Company account.
Service/Sandbox Accounts
Support & success
Self-Service Knowledge Base
Use our detailed Knowledge Base to find any answers you may need.
Email Support
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Access to our top-notch team to ensure your continued success.
Dedicated Account Manager
Personalized Onboarding Program
Flexible Payment Options
Pay via invoice if needed.
Priority Support
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Experience the power
of visual collaboration

Centralized communication
No matter if you’re working with your team, a team of teams, or clients,
easily structure, organize, and track content in a centralized hub.
Infinite canvas
Utilize an infinite canvas for generative thinking, brainstorming,
flows, Agile rituals, retrospectives, and more.
Enterprise-grade security
Rest easy with the security practices you expect, like SSO, data
encryption, user management, network controls, and more.
Built-in collaboration suite
Whether it’s chat, video conference, voting, screen sharing,
or presenting, the Miro platform makes teamwork easy.
Workflow integrations
Integrate with all the tools you use, including Slack,
Jira, Trello, Confluence, Microsoft teams, and dozens of others.
Top-notch customer success
Rely on our industry-leading customer support and success
teams for email and chat support and personalized trainings.

Security and compliance

Rest easy knowing we're fully certified by numerous organizations.
SOC 2®
SOC for Service Organizations
Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready™
CloudTrust Program
Cloud Security Alliance


How do I get started?
When you sign up, you’re on the Free plan
by default. The Free plan is designed for
teams just starting out with visual collaboration:
you can invite as many team members and
create as many boards as you want, but only
5 boards will be active and editable at once.
For more advanced collaboration functionality,
check out our Team, Business, Company,
or Enterprise plans.
What is included with
the Free plan?
The Free plan enables you to experience the
power of visual collaboration firsthand: with
unlimited team members, 5 active boards,
and access to all our pre-built templates
as well as a set of robust integrations
including Google Drive, Slack, and more.
Can I change the team size?
Yes, you can change your team size at any
point during your subscription. You’ll be charged
a prorated fee for adding new users and a refund
on your next payment for removing users.
What is a team
member vs a guest?
Team members are full members of a Miro
account who get access to the full gamut
of account functionality. Team members
can be invited to contribute on boards as
editors. Guests, on the other hand, can access
boards without signing up but have limited
permission sets.
Does Miro integrate with
my existing workflow?
We have a full list of integrations through
our Marketplace here. If you don’t see a tool
for your workflow on the list, let us know at
support@realtimeboard.com and we’d be
happy to work with you.
Is my data secure?
We care deeply about data privacy and security and
strive to keep our security practices industry-leading.
Learn more about data security on our website, check
out our assessment on the Cloud Security Alliance
website, or contact us directly with any questions.
We need additional help on
documentation (like an MSA
or security questionnaire).
Who can I reach out to?
We’re happy to work together on your
company’s security questionnaire or an
MSA! Please reach out to our sales team at
sales@realtimeboard.com for specific questions.
My team is a nonprofit
organization. Is special pricing
available for NPOs or charitable
Yes, please contact us directly at
to learn about NPO pricing.

Have other questions?

Contact us here so we can help.
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