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Unlimited viewers on public boards (no sign-in required)
Slack integration
Get new comments from boards delivered to your Slack channels
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Embed boards in a Confluence page
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5 members
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5+ members
Unlimited boards
Guest commenters
Unlimited viewers and commenters on public boards (no sign-in required)
Jira integrations
Attach boards to Jira issues. Add Jira cards to boards
Custom templates
Сustomize and save your own templates
Google OAuth
Hi-res export
Screen sharing
Video chat
Manual backup
Save archived copies of your boards for an added layer of data protection
Email support
Custom pricing.
Please contact us for more info
Advanced User Management
Multi-team collaboration, day passes
for occasional users, user activity reports
Enhanced Security & Authentication
SSO/SAML 2.0, configurable sharing
policy, US/EU data protection regulation
Priority Support
Dedicated CSM, kick-off success
meeting, on-demand training
Legal Review
Custom contract review and
information security assessment

Using RealtimeBoard to work with clients?

We have plans for consulting firms of all sizes.

Premium Plan for Solopreneurs
A simple yet powerful plan to organize work on your projects and collaborate with others.
A simple yet powerful plan to organize work on your projects and collaborate with others.
1 member
Unlimited boards
3 external users per board
Screen sharing
Guest viewers
per month
or $96 per year
Consultant Plan
Use RealtimeBoard to
collaborate with your clients
on innovative solutions for
their business.
Standalone team for
each client
Advanced user management
and permissions
Flexible licensing options
for occasional users
RealtimeBoard has helped us work
across multiple sites around the
world and has enabled us to be far
more productive than before.
Richard Davidson,
Agile Project Manager at Skyscanner
RealtimeBoard is the #1
online whiteboard trusted
by over 1.6 million users from
global companies big and small.
Who is a team member?
Team members are those who get access to Team account features and capabilities. They can be invited to contribute on boards as editors.
Can I change Team size during the monthly or annual subscription?
Yes, you may change Team size at any point during your subscription. When increasing team size, you will be charged a prorated fee for the added users. When decreasing team size, remaining funds will be used for your next recurring payment.
Who is a guest?
Guest users don't need to sign up for a RealtimeBoard account. On the Free account you may share the board via public URL to allow anyone outside of your team to view the board.

On the Team account guest users can also be invited to comment. Unlike on the Free account, you may invite guests via email, without making the board publicly available via URL.
My team is a nonprofit organization. Is special pricing available for NPOs or charitable organizations?
Yes, please contact us directly at to learn about NPO pricing.
Can I use RealtimeBoard for free?
Yes, just sign up for a Free account! You will be able to use up to 3 boards and invite 2 more team members to collaborate on your projects.
I am a student. How can I apply?
Please ask a teacher or faculty member with an eligible email to request the upgrade for your class.
Is my data secure?
We care about data privacy and security, and strive to keep our security practices on par with industry leaders. Learn more about data security on our website, or contact us directly with any questions.
Can I try the Team account for free?
Yes! When you sign up, your account will be automatically equipped with a free 30-day upgrade to the Team plan, which gives you access to all RealtimeBoard features. After 30 days you may choose to downgrade to the Free plan, or upgrade to stay on the Team plan.
Still have questions? Contact us:
Power your team with RealtimeBoard!
Thousands of businesses rely upon RealtimeBoard
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