The Best You Can Get from Stickies: Promising Partnership of RealtimeBoard and Tesla Amazing

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Magnetic Notes

It’s amazing to watch the evolution of the simple things around us. Who could have thought that our beloved sticky notes still had potential for innovation?

Several years ago we could only imagine them as colourful pieces of paper. Now we have sticky notes online, in the cloud, playing an integral role in virtual remote collaboration. And the magic doesn’t stop here!

While RealtimeBoard team made it possible to turn spreadsheets to stickers in seconds, guys at Tesla Amazing started making Magnetic Notes from statically charged polypropylene film, which makes them stick to almost any surface, including wood, plastic, glass, paper, metal, bricks, cork board, leather, and fabric.

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Visual Collaboration: How RealtimeBoard Emptied Bigman’s Email Inbox

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visual collaboration solution

Every day a huge number of teams try various tricks to improve their productivity and reduce the volume of email correspondence they receive because email exchange is generally slow and difficult to manage and isn’t optimised for workflow. Instead of searching for email hacks, the team at Bigman decided to look for a visual collaboration solution that could solve all their issues in a more natural way — and they stumbled upon RealtimeBoard.

We asked Tom Painter, Director of Bigman animation company, to share his experience in managing a completely new workflow and how he implemented the change from using email to using visual collaboration with an online whiteboard within his team.

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Scrum Board in RealtimeBoard: How Certified Scrum Master Applies Online Whiteboard to Agile Practices

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Scrum Board

As an online whiteboard with a powerful toolkit, RealtimeBoard helps to visualize thoughts for creative teams of all kinds: from marketers to designers, from developers to writers, from ux-ers to teachers, etc. Many of our clients mention that RealtimeBoard has already become an essential part of agile processes by making them simpler, yet more effective. As Scrum Board RealtimeBoard connects teams, Scrum Masters, plans, ideas and feedback together, supporting a continuous improvement cycle.

We asked a Scrum Master and Agile expert Ron Lichty to share his experience on training remote and distributed teams using RealtimeBoard. Continue reading

Make announcements and get notifications with @mentions

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While working on the board, you may need to quickly notify someone about the changes you’re making. This is now possible with the new RealtimeBoard feature — @mentions in comments and chat.

To mention a board participant in a comment or chat, type “@” followed by the person’s First and Last name. When you post your mentions on the board, people you mentioned will get email or browser notifications.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to send us a note at

Happy whiteboarding!



Remote Collaboration: How RealtimeBoard Helped Wayward Ventures Keep Up the Progress and Stay On Track In 2015

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It’s always exciting to watch projects in early stages of development. The teams are optimistic, creative and full of energy. They love what they do. And we are equally excited to have them onboard, uniting teams across the globe and helping them overcome the difficulties of team engagement and remote collaboration. This is precisely one of the key reasons why we started building RealtimeBoard 4 years ago.

Wayward Ventures

Wayward Ventures is one of these young exciting projects — it’s an open world online co-operative sailing game. Currently being built in Unreal 4, they are still in early development. The team currently consists of 5 people, responsible for 3D, 2D art, programming, design, game development and promotion.

All of the team members are volunteers, so contributions vary widely from week to week. However, they do make sure to discuss the project together every week.

Wayward Ventures

Wayward Ventures — an open world online co-operative sailing game

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