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RealtimeBoard Company plan

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Scale collaboration with
Company plan

Company plan enhances collaboration and streamlines administration of multiple teams using RealtimeBoard across your organization. It has all the powerful features of the Team plan and offers advanced security and user and content management options.
Minimum # of
licenses: 50

Why choose Company plan?

Company plan spurs cross-team collaboration and allows the most innovative
teams to share their best practices across the entire organization. Enterprise IT,
Tools and Operations teams benefit from Company plan as well because:
All new users from your domain are brought into your
corporately managed teams and you can decide which
features and integrations are available to which teams
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) will give your team
members access to RealtimeBoard through an identity
provider of your choice.
Your company can take advantage of Day Passes —
cost-efficient pricing model for teams that have
numerous occasional collaborators.
Multiple teams feature allows you to have a well-
structured Company account, simplify access rights
delegation and account management in general.
View, analyze, filter and manage in bulk dozens,
hundreds and thousands of RealtimeBoard users
within your Company Plan account with Advanced
User Management.

We give you the security you deserve

Hundreds thousands of users across the world trust
us with their information, and we do everything to
justify their trust.
We treat privacy and data security very seriously.
Therefore, we have taken a number of steps to
ensure that your information is always secure when
you are using RealtimeBoard.
Access to user data by RealtimeBoard
team is strictly regulated and is
performed for troubleshooting purposes
only with your approval.
When you access RealtimeBoard, SSL
technology protects your information
using both server authentication and
data encryption.
User data is stored in failover
cluster that is backed up every 10
minutes. No matter what happens,
your work will stay safe.
RealtimeBoard server infrastructure is
hosted on Amazon Web Services. AWS
compliance program is designed to
follow international security standards
and regulations, while protecting
confidentiality and data privacy.

Compliance certificates

SOC 2®
SOC for Service Organizations
Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready
Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready™
CloudTrust Program

Accelerate collaboration in your
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RealtimeBoard is the ultimate hub for visual collaboration that integrates with
tools used by teams across your organization to enhance their workflow.
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teams of 50 users and up.
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