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Shipra Kayan
We were struggling with sharing large
design artifacts like Journey Maps,
because 70% of folks who needed to
see it were remote. Now we have every
Upworker able to use Realtimeboard.
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Shipra Kayan, Director, Product Design Research
Our team uses RealtimeBoard as a virtual
whiteboard for scrum. It makes doing scrum
with remote teams much easier. We have
moved all of our scrum processes planning,
backlog grooming, scrum status, etc.)
to RealtimeBoard so we can do all of our
collaboration there.
Patrick Treese, Software Engineer
We can ship 20% faster with RealtimeBoard.
It's successfully helped us with multiple large-scale
product releases. Technology and the SaaS industry
moves fast, so RealtimeBoard helps us stay ahead
of the competition.
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Kevin Yang, an associate product manager
RealtimeBoard has helped us work across multiple
sites around the world and has enabled us to be
far more productive than before.
Richard Davidson, Agile Project Manager
In terms of ROI, RealtimeBoard pays for itself in
about 2 weeks (half a month’s travel costs), so it’s a
“no brainer” as we like to call it. And the majority of
our team has had really great things to say about
using the tool & collaborating, so our team morale
has gone up too.
Bob Mullaly, Chief Data Scientist
What I like most about RealtimeBoard is the how
easy it is to share my project maps ... I need to bring
my whiteboard experience online and share it with
every team member and stakeholder that needs it.
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Chelsea Scholz, Markeing Manager
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George Metrick
RealtimeBoard has allowed me to customize templates for my current projects. I love its complete open flexibility to create any board possible.
George Metrick, Social Media Listening Consultant
As project manager at Solvay Business Services
we need to collaborate with teams across the
globe. With the usage of RealtimeBoard this
allowed us to create more value in a shorter
period of time in every opportunity we have.
Tiago Pereira, Regional Project Manager EMEA
For team collaboration this is as close as
I've ever seen to a physical whiteboard for
distributed teams. I facilitate a lot of distributed
meetings and this is my new favorite tool.
David Frink, Agile Coach
RealtimeBoard is a simple, but yet comprehensive
tool to help with conveying the right information
anywhere you need it.
Gus Garcia, Senior IteraD
RealtimeBoard is fast becoming an enabler within
Qlik R&D, facilitating our growing need for cross-
geo collaboration and helping us to tap into our
collective wisdom and talent. RealtimeBoard [the
product] has been a great fit with our ecosystem
and continues to impress with its roadmap and
regular product updates.
Tom Kealey, Agile Coach
Incredible collaboration tool for both on-site and
virtual teams. Keep developing it, and I'll keep
recommending it.
Miguel Gonzalez,
Director Customer Innovation & Strategic Projects
Who uses this software? UX/UI designers, Agile coaches, product owners/
managers and web design services, marketing and advertising agencies,
creative industries and consulting.
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Empowering consultants to help
their clients win the market

Andrew Wight
At SapientNitro Australia, we use
RealtimeBoard to enable multiple designers
to collaborate on the same ideas at the same
time and to take input and then feedback
from a broader cross-functional team that
spans the organization.
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Andrew Wight, Associate Creative Director
It is so easy to use, so flexible, and allows me
to collaborate with people remotely in a way I
thought was only possible inperson. Google Apps
meets keynote meets illustrator. Bravo.
Bryn Bowman, Lead Experience Designer
We had to collect and display ideas from 800
attendees at an event in just 3 hours. We were able
to collect ideas from multiple points and attractively
display them to the whole audience. We were also
left with an asset that we could continue to use.
Gary Wilson,
Product and service innovation specialist
Founding partner of Atkins' innovation
partners Fluxx
We mainly relied on emails and Google Docs. Now
the way we’ve got our boards set up means you can
get a quick overview of the development of a project
and track comments relatively easily.
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Vicke Cheung, Graphic designer

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