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About RealtimeBoard

RealtimeBoard is the simplest collaboration tool for remote teams, project leaders, marketers, designers,
developers and creatives, which is used by more than 1 000 000 people all over the world. With RealtimeBoard
you can create collaborative agile boards, design users flow, brainstorm, and work on projects, always having
all the information you need in front of your eyes.

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RealtimeBoard logo

RealtimeBoard logo. Download

Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration. Download

Product and service design

Product and service design. Download


Brainstorming. Download

Visual planning

Visual planning. Download


Wireframes. Download


Presentations. Download

Design review

Design review. Download

Mind mapping

Mind mapping. Download

RealtimeBoard on your device

RealtimeBoard on iMac

RealtimeBoard on iMac. Download

RealtimeBoard on MacBook

RealtimeBoard on MacBook. Download

RealtimeBoard on iPad

RealtimeBoard on iPad. Download


Basic features

Basic features

Visual collaboration

Visual collaboration

Involve your team

Involve your team


Start of prototyping — June, 2011

Public Alpha (Flash) — March, 2012

Public Beta (Flash) — September, 2012

First 1000 registrations — September, 2012

First 100 000 registrations — June, 2013

First 500 000 registrations — November, 2014

RealtimeBoard 2.0 (HTML5) Beta — March, 2015

RealtimeBoard 2.0 (HTML5) — October, 2015

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