Visualize JIRA cards on a virtual whiteboard to make collaboration in agile teams easier and faster

Connect Atlassian JIRA and RealtimeBoard to help your agile team see the big picture, communicate,
and track changes made in Atlassian JIRA directly on a virtual whiteboard.
JIRA and RealtimeBoard
Create user story maps, plan sprints, prioritize backlog in a visual way
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Online whiteboard for agile management

Collaborate visually with your remote team in front of online whiteboard

Turn your JIRA issues into JIRA cards, search and sort, import and move them around the board, resize cards to read the long description, track the status without switching between tools, type comments on cards and get a quick feedback.
Boards Examples

Turn your JIRA product backlog into visual
user story map

Prepare for your next grooming in no time by dragging and dropping your JIRA cards from product backlog on online whiteboard. Use our template collection to create easy-to-use and visually appealing user story maps. Planning sprints has never been so quick and easy!
RealtimeBoard features

Attach your boards to JIRA issues to engage anyone inside JIRA in concept discussions without switching between tools

Install a RealtimeBoard add-on in 5 quick steps to head started your integration. All boards with JIRA cards can be attached to any issue in either RealtimeBoard or JIRA, and are available for viewing, commenting and editing.
Boards Examples

Save your time working with JIRA cards and issues

If you make changes to JIRA issues in your JIRA client, they will be instantly reflected on your cards in RealtimeBoard. So you will not lose time on manual updates and stay focused on what you need to be done.
Collaborate anytime, anywhere

Remote meetings could be more effective with RealtimeBoard

Collaborate, discuss tasks and plan sprints on a virtual whiteboard in real-time from any device eliminating the distance gap for your remote team. Type and resolve comments, mention teammates, and make video calls to get quick feedback. Collaborate from any device anytime.
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Our team uses RealtimeBoard as a virtual whiteboard for scrum. It makes doing scrum with remote teams much easier. We have moved all of our scrum processes (planning, backlog grooming, scrum status, etc.) to RealtimeBoard so we can do all of our collaboration there.
Patrick Treese
Patrick Treese,
Software Engineer, Trimble
RealtimeBoard is a simple, but yet comprehensive tool to help with conveying the right information anywhere you need it.
Gus Garcia
Gus Garcia,
Senior Iteration Manager, Telstra
Great experience. RealtimeBoard environment allowed me to customize templates for my current project. I like it's complete open flexibility to create any board possible.
George Metrick
George Metrick,
Social Media Listening Consultant
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