Enrich your JIRA workflow with RealtimeBoard
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Take your product development process to the next level by integrating JIRA with the RealtimeBoard
infinite online whiteboard.
JIRA and RealtimeBoard
See the big picture, manage processes visually, stay focused on details
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JIRA cards are finally on your virtual whiteboard

Online whiteboard for agile management

Turn JIRA issues into the handy cards on your whiteboard with just one click

Feel free to experiment with flexible online whiteboard - import JIRA cards and move them around the board as you need it! Organize your brainstorming sessions, user story mapping, retros, story sizing, backlog prioritization etc. in a visual way with RealtimeBoard.
Whiteboard. Finally in your browser. Comments

RealtimeBoard is a wonderful space for simple visual collaboration with your distributed team

Agile management has never been so easy! You can engage all of your team members quickly and simply by sharing real-time access to the board with them. Collaborate, prepare, change, revise and discuss tasks quickly
with RealtimeBoard.
Boards Examples

Turn your JIRA product backlog into visual
user story board

Prepare for your next grooming in no time by dragging and dropping your JIRA cards from product backlog on online whiteboard. Use our customer journey map template to create easy-to-use and visually appealing user story boards with JIRA and RealtimeBoard integration. Planning sprints has never been so quick and easy!
RealtimeBoard features

Synchronize your sprints with teammates collaborating quickly and easily across countries and timezones in real-time

Prioritize, organize and visualize your work processes by using sticky notes, tags, shapes, emoji features for voting. Get a quick feedback by using video calls, mentions, and chat features.
All changes on JIRA cards made on JIRA desk will be saved instantly
on the board.
Collaborate anytime, anywhere

Remote meetings will be more effective with RealtimeBoard

Collaborate and discuss tasks and plan sprints together with your team - as if you are all in one room. Get the RealtimeBoard app for your device and stay on the same page with your team from your office or on the go. Collaborate from any devices, anytime.

Additional RealtimeBoard abilities for JIRA users

Collaborate with your
remote team
Work on product
and service design
Brainstorm, collect
and organize ideas
and present
Comment on
images and documents
Join thousands of teams and companies that are already enjoying
the perks of visual collaboration
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Our team uses RealtimeBoard as a virtual whiteboard for scrum. It makes doing scrum with remote teams much easier. We have moved all of our scrum processes (planning, backlog grooming, scrum status, etc.) to RealtimeBoard so we can do all of our collaboration there.
Patrick Treese
Patrick Treese,
Software Engineer, Trimble
RealtimeBoard is a simple, but yet comprehensive tool to help with conveying the right information anywhere you need it.
Gus Garcia
Gus Garcia,
Senior Iteration Manager, Telstra
TouchTunes Interactive Networks
I am a very visual person, and my teams are 1000s of miles away. RealtimeBoard make working remotely so much more productive and efficient! Love it.
Kathy Henderlong
Kathy Henderlong,
Product Manager, TouchTunes Interactive Networks