Involve your audience.

Enrich your education process
with online whiteboard

Enrich your school or corporate education process with endless whiteboards.
Brainstorm and organize shared, creative projects with collaborators from
anywhere. Add media files, use various tools, make groupwork much more
interactive by collecting feedback and discussing in real time.

RealtimeBoard brings interactivity to the classroom and makes the lessons
more visual, involving and memorable.

Featured boards and tutorials

RealtimeBoard Video Tutorial by John Hardison
RealtimeBoard Video Tutorial by John Hardison
RealtimeBoard Tutorial by ICTmagic
RealtimeBoard Tutorial by ICTmagic
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Real people use RealtimeBoard for education.
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to educate online.

“I teach an online economics course. RealtimeBoard helps me to communicate with students and to see how they are thinking, including mistakes they are making, and then make corrections. I really like what RealtimeBoard offers. I am a big fan. Honestly, it has been indispensable to my teaching.”
James Lerch
Economics teacher
“Very useful tool for education. In one board, you have all the information. You can access and order the documents, the images, in a hundred different ways, and even work in them, with GoogleDrive. As useful as your information is.”
Jorge Gutiérrez
Physics and Chemistry teacher in Spain
The educational possibilities for RealtimeBoard appear limited only by one’s imagination.
John Hardison
Creative Templates

Creative Templates

Use RealtimeBoard templates for visual brainstorming, receive feedback in real time and involve your team. View the template gallery.
RealtimeBoard for Teams

RealtimeBoard for Teams

Collaborate in real time with team members on an endless whiteboard. Create, discuss, manage tasks and share with the audience. Learn more about RealtimeBoard team accounts.
RealtimeBoard for Google Users

RealtimeBoard for Google Users

If you can't imagine your workflow without Google Drive, you are able to work with all your Google Drive files on an endless whiteboard and save your boards to Google Drive. Learn more about RealtimeBoard for Google users.
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Business Canvases

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