About RealtimeBoard

We believe that a picture paints a thousand words. That is the reason why people use whiteboards to work with ideas, concepts and
to explain them to the team and clients. But whiteboards have three serious drawbacks — you can't save them, you can't share them,
they have physical limits.

RealtimeBoard is an endless online whiteboard where you can organize your workflow, brainstorm and manage your tasks in a highly visual way. Our team has designed these endless boards to give everyone – a person, a creative team or a huge company – an opportunity to collaborate on ideas and projects easily and freely from any part of the world.

We at RealtimeBoard strive to deliver the most natural and smooth experience, and that's why we've built our product on an exclusive, complex tech platform. Basically, this technology allows us to have up to 100 000 people collaborating in real time.

Creative process, project management or concept development can become an exciting journey when you bring them to an endless canvas and use the power of visual collaboration. Create, collaborate and share your brilliant ideas using RealtimeBoard and discover the new possibilities for both personal planning and remote teamwork.

Happy whiteboarding!

RealtimeBoard team