Grow your ideas together.

Use whiteboard as a brainstorming tool to enhance your visual brainstorming technique

Brainstorming is an essential part of any creative process – almost all of us use
it while working on strategy. RealtimeBoard brings brainstorming to the new level.
Endless zooming canvas where you can add not only simple text but also fill it with
images, videos, mockups engages the whole team and boosts the creativity.
Your brainstorming sessions may start from scratch or with a template - everything
depends on your goals, time and imagination.


tips to make your brainstorming
session with RealtimeBoard more

1. Add content.
Collect all the relevant content on one board. There are no limitations — type, add images, videos and freehand drawings. This will help to open your mind and find an inspiration.
2. Use tools and templates.
Brainstorm with colorful post-its, use links to create mind maps or start with one of the templates. Six Hats or Random words are perfect for brainstorming sessions.
3. Invite your team.
Brainstorming process requires collaboration. Invite your team via email or add people from Facebook friends list. Your team will help you find the best solution.
4. Moderate the process.
Choose one person who will start and end the session. This will speed up the process and help avoid possible misunderstanding.
5. Mark up the most important ideas.
5. Evaluate all the ideas after the brainstorming session. Use the brush tool, comments and post-it notes to leave feedback and highlight the most important and valuable things.
Read out blog to learn how we brainstorm using RealtimeBoard.
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See how professionals like you benefit by RealtimeBoard
and its capabilities for visual brainstorming.

Aydincan Ataberk
“As a service designer I almost depend on post-its. This is the best way to track ideas and evolve new ones around them. During brainstorming process we connect Mac to a big LED screen in our meeting room and use it as a virtual board with digital sticky notes, draw graphs and timelines, put more notes and create a new project idea using the board. RealtimeBoard is exactly what I was looking for: digital, sharable, free space where I take notes freely, add some skecthes, put some images and save it to the cloud.”
Aydincan Ataberk
Co-founder and managing partner of Ethnogram, design consultant
“In many businesses, deep collaboration is the key to success. RealtimeBoard provides a cloud-based "endless whiteboard" so teams and companies can collaborate using boards.”
Creative Templates

Creative Templates

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RealtimeBoard for Teams

RealtimeBoard for Teams

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RealtimeBoard for Google Users

RealtimeBoard for Google Users

If you can't imagine your workflow without Google Drive, you are able to work with all your Google Drive files on an endless whiteboard and save your boards to Google Drive. Learn more about RealtimeBoard for Google users.
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