Ideate, design flows, organize insights
and collect feedback in real-time

RealtimeBoard – leading visual
collaboration platform that
helps designers work and
communicate more effectively.
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UX research

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Benefits of RealtimeBoard
for product teams

Collaborate on a single surface at any stage of design
workflow from research to prototyping
Customer Journey Map
Customer Journey Map
User Persona Profile
User Persona Profile
User Research Insights
User Research Insights
Customer Journey Map
User Persona Profile
User Research Insights
User Research Insights
Andrew Wight
We use RealtimeBoard to enable multiple
designers to collaborate on the same ideas
and collect feedback from a broader cross-
functional team that helps us run more
effective design processes.
Andrew Wight,
Associate Creative Director at SapienNitro Australia

Ideate & design

Ideate on an infinite
Create, empathy maps,
customer journeys, service
design blueprints
Build custom templates
of choose from library
Use smart drawing
mode on tablets and
Create sticky notes
(type up, upload in bulk or
digitize physical ones with
mobile or tablet app)

Collaborate in real-time
or asynchronously

Team work
Asynchronous team work
in real-time on any device
Comments, @mentions
and second chance
Voting and timer add-ons for brainstorming and retros
Integrations with Sketch, Invision, Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, Slack and more
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