Share and discuss
your projects visually.

Many reasons to go Team

RealtimeBoard is a perfect tool for team collaboration. Create projects, share ideas, add your team members, discuss and present to your colleagues and customers.
To make your team collaboration experience nice and smooth we designed a special Team account with features that will take your team productivity to the highest level.
$10 / user / month
Create my Team
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Administrative capabilities
Easily add and remove
members within one
account, create boards for
the entire team in one click,
assign multiple admins.
Centralized billing
Enable one single billing
and renewal schedule for
all RealtimeBoard accounts.
No limits
Each member has unlimited
private boards, files and 5GB
storage space.
Voice and video chat
Talk to your team
face-to-face like you
normally would with
a regular whiteboard.
Manual backup
Easily download and
upload your boards to
ensure maximum data
Present your boards
Take the stage with the Screen
Share feature, presenting your
board to other participants and
providing voice-over commentary.
Hi-res export
Export your boards as
high-resolution images and
PDFs, without watermark.
Extended support
Get priority email support.
All your questions will be
answered within 24 hours.
Share boards
Share your boards with
partners and clients. Add
them as editors or viewers.
Create my Team
Try 14 days for free

Great teams collaborate using RealtimeBoard

A lot of teams all over the world use RealtimeBoard to make awesome projects — they prototype, create new design concepts, plan and organize great events, work on various products and services, consult, coordinate international activities and do other inspiring things. You'll be in good company!