RealtimeBoard for Team collaboration
RealtimeBoard is a platform for teams to plan, collaborate and share information easily. Use it as a simple whiteboard
to jot down ideas, or build a whole project on the board remotely with your team.
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upgrades in the Team account:
Full whiteboarding toolkit included
No limits
Each team member can create an unlimited number of boards and collaborate with the whole team.
Guest access
Work easily with people from outside your team by inviting them to your board to view and comment.
Hi-res export
Export your boards as high-resolution images and PDFs, without watermark.
Priority email support
Get questions answered quickly with priority 
email support.
Powerful collaboration features

Collaborate in real-time and see all the changes instantly, or work across continents and time zones while still staying on the same page. Get extra features such as Video chat, Slack integration and Screen sharing for your whole team.

Our commitment to security and your data

Hundreds of thousands of clients across the world trust us with their information, and we’re doing our best to justify their trust.

We take privacy and data security very seriously, and therefore, we’ve taken a number of steps to ensure that your information is always secure, when you’re using RealtimeBoard.

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RealtimeBoard powers team collaboration in thousands

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Try for free 14 days
Pay only $7 per user per month when billed annually
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