Collaborative online whiteboard
for software development teams

Enable your development team (co-located
or remote) to create products and services
that people will use, like, support and buy.

Infinite online whiteboard designed
for globally distributed development teams

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Implement SAFe & scale Scrum with LeSS

Our enterprise-ready infinite virtual whiteboard will take your collaboration to a whole new level.
Use RealtimeBoard
Use RealtimeBoard
as a pre-meeting
brainstorming and
planning space.
Visualize program
Visualize program
in RealtimeBoard to discuss
projects with stakeholders in
remote or in-person meetings.
Prepare and carry out
complex team activities
Prepare and carry out
complex team activities
like PI planning and

Use online whiteboard to visualize & plan agile processes

Collect input from end-users, clients, your team and other stakeholders and
map everything out on our infinite canvas. See the big picture, prioritize
tasks, give feedback and discuss ideas on the fly regardless of your team
setting: distributed or co-located.
Agile processes
Collaboration across countries

Organize better sprint planning meetings
to be more productive as a team and
always be on the same page

Backlog grooming and sprint planning can be visual,
engaging and productive with RealtimeBoard. Drag
your JIRA cards from product backlog and drop them
on a virtual whiteboard. Discuss tasks with your
team in real time from any device. Type and resolve
comments, mention teammates, and make video
calls to get quick feedback.
"For team collaboration this is as close as I've ever
seen to a physical whiteboard for distributed teams.
I facilitate a lot of distributed meetings and this
is my new favorite tool".
David Frink, Agile Coach
Stand-up structure template

Give your stand-ups structure, engage
your team and always focus on what's
really important

Create a template for daily stand-ups in
RealtimeBoard to provide structure for your team
meetings and make it easier to follow the agenda
to make sure everyone is engaged and contributing.
Let RealtimeBoard be the focal point of your daily
meetings, visualize objectives, ideas, milestones
and issues to get an overview of your project and
focus on what's really important.
"RealtimeBoard became an integral part of our
retrospectives and story point meetings, solving all
previous challenges. With RealtimeBoard we aren't
just sharing a screen, or sharing a whiteboard
where there is one driver. We truly collaborate!"
Bobbie Manson, Scrum Master
Iteration review template

Make sprint results visible and learn
from them with your team during
iteration review

Provide context and tell the story of the sprint to all
stakeholders attending iteration review (aka sprint
demo or sprint review) to help them understand
value that was created during the sprint.
"Our team uses RealtimeBoard as a virtual whiteboard
for scrum. It makes doing scrum with remote teams much
easier. We have moved all of our scrum processes (planning,
backlog grooming, scrum status, etc.) to RealtimeBoard so
we can do all of our collaboration there."
Patrick Treese, Software Engineer
Retrospective template

Save time and effort with our premade
customizable retrospective template

Retrospective is a great tool to structure positive
and negative feedback and plan improvements
after a completed project or a working sprint. Use
it to reflect on the way your team works and discuss
current problems and goals, brainstorm new ideas,
explore and plan which actions need to be taken
to help your team keep moving forward.

All the benefits of using your tools from a physical
whiteboard amplified with the power of SaaS

Sticky notes features

Enjoy powerful sticky notes features

RealtimeBoard's sticky notes rock: add ideas from
a spreadsheet, use bulk mode, or even take a picture
of physical stickies on the actual whiteboard and then
upload them to our digital whiteboard.
Online conversations

Centralize your online conversations

Centralize all your online conversations in one
place, where you can store, organize and search
all necessary files and links to references.
Customizable workflow

Enforce more established workflows

Enforce more established and stable workflows
using standard templates or create your own
and share them with the team.
Simple diagramming

Visualize complex processes

Use shapes, stickers, tags, connectors and arrows
to visualize complex processes and workflows and
customize them creatively.
Asynchronous collaboration

Collaborate in real time and

Use RealtimeBoard both as a focal point for your
regular team meetings and a hub for asynchronous
collaboration whenever necessary.
Changes tracking

Easily track all changes

Be quickly informed of changes team members
make to the board and easily track them.
Declutter your whiteboard

Declutter your whiteboard

Take advantage of smart grid layout helping you
arrange objects on the board to make it easy to
navigate and understand.

Replace your regular whiteboard with useful,
intuitive, configurable product that is fully

Day Passes for
occasional users
Day Passes for
occasional users
Share project overview with external stakeholders and invite people from other functional teams when necessary.
Limitless collaboration
across devices
Limitless collaboration
across devices
You can use RealtimeBoard on your Mac or PC, laptop, tablet, mobile device or smartboard. For more info, please visit our Supported devices page.
Single sign-on
SAML integration
Single sign-on
SAML integration
Make user management
easier with single sign-on.
RealtimeBoard works with
most identity providers
to give your team an
automated and secure
process.
Seamless workflow
Seamless workflow
RealtimeBoard works with
Google Drive, JIRA and Slack,
so there is no need to
reinvent your workflow.
Priority Support
Priority Support
Get your questions answered quickly by dedicated support managers to ensure an uninterrupted workflow.
Simplified billing
Simplified billing
Pay for all of your subscriptions and members on a single bill to have only one payment per billing period to manage.
User activity reports
User activity reports
Get meaningful insights into
product usage upon request
to make sure your team or
company makes the most
of RealtimeBoard.
Enterprise grade security
Enterprise grade security
We have the required
infrastructure to support
global enterprises.
Dedicated Customer
Success manager
Dedicated Customer
Success manager
A dedicated manager will help you onboard new users, manage licensing and billing, or build custom templates for your specific workflow.
Advanced user
Advanced user
Bring all teams inside a
single Company account and
manage all permissions from
one place.
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