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Text communication meets visual collaboration: connect RealtimeBoard to Slack and get the best of both worlds.
Easy one-button setup
RealtimeBoard powers team collaboration in thousands of companies worldwide
Effortless collaboration with endless possibilities
RealtimeBoard is a flexible space easily customizable for your purposes. Infinite canvas, whiteboarding toolkit
and powerful libraries help you visualize and organize your thoughts and projects.
We were looking for a tool were we could visualize the creative process and collaborate with both
colleagues and customers. Currently we are using RealtimeBoard for most of our customer pitches,
and we are happy with the tool as it saves us a lot of time and improves collaboration.
Robin Weiss
RealtimeBoard for Slack teams
Get instant notifications about new comments on your boards delivered to Slack channels.
Slack integration
Get the very best in visual and verbal communication
Easy one-button setup