Voting plugin

Voting plugin
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Take remote collaboration to the next level and invest into ideas that the majority of your team believes in. With this plugin you can carry out a voting session for your team regardless their roles and location. Put your ideas on the digital sticky notes, texts, shapes or images and and choose the best ones.

Key features:

  • Any board editor can create a new voting session.
  • Any registered user invited to the board can participate in the voting session.
  • An editor that starts a voting session can customize its name, duration, number of votes per person and the objects for voting.
  • Voting duration can be set up from 1 minute up to 99 hours.
  • Number of votes per person is currently limited to 10.
  • To keep it all fair, the votes are displayed only when the voting session is over.

Collect ideas on the interactive online whiteboard and invite your team from any part of the world to vote for them.
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