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OneDrive integration allows you to enrich your boards in RealtimeBoard with Microsoft documents (Docs, Excels, PDFs, images, presentations, etc.). Moreover, with granted Editor rights, your teammates will be able to edit the imported documents right in RealtimeBoard. All changes are saved in real time for you to have up-to-date documentation no matter where you are.

Key features:

  • Support of images, videos, PDF files, Google Drive documents, and MS Office files.
  • In-app picker for file upload from Dropbox.
  • Import as embedding live with turning pages.
  • Ability to edit documents right in RealtimeBoard.
  • Automated file synchronization between RealtimeBoard and OneDrive.

Upload, edit and manage your Microsoft documents in RealtimeBoard. No more tab switching or manual sync — this brainy integration will do all the job for you.
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