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User Story Mapping is an approach that is widely used by software companies for release planning. Story Map consists of user stories that are ordered in two independent dimensions. Horizontal axis represents the order of activities from the user’s point of view, and they describe the behavior of the system. Down the vertical axis, it represents increasing sophistication of implementation.

User story maps help product teams keep focused on the business value and release features that are valued by the customers.

With RealtimeBoard, product teams can create user story maps online and keep them in front of the eyes of every team member.

Why you should use RealtimeBoard for User story mapping?
  • You will never run out of space on your whiteboard, as RealtimeBoard offers an infinite canvas, which allows you to put there as many user stories as you need, prioritize and group them.
  • You and your remote team members will be on the same page – user story maps will be stored online and all the changes will be visible in real time.
  • RealtimeBoard sticky notes can be easily grouped, edited, moved around as many times as you need. Use different colors for different types of stories, it will help you to see them even the board becomes really huge.
Tip: Use can use screen sharing or video chat option for better communication and collaboration on online user story maps with remote workers.
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