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Use RealtimeBoard Agile Board template, add sticky notes, move them around to plan visually.
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If you're into agile management, you will definitely enjoy an endless online Agile Board. Used mostly by software developers and product companies, it helps manage tasks in a flexible and iterative way. Kanban and Scrum boards work great when you need to keep your team on the same page and add transparency to the development process.

RealtimeBoard offers a super simple way to create an online Agile Board and involve your team into the process. With RealtimeBoard account you are getting an endless space that looks and feels just like your office whiteboard with canvas, colorful sticky notes, but has more possibilities:
  • It is shared, hence you will be able to work with your distributed team in a shared space. Every member of the team gets access to all the changes that are made and can contribute to the board.
  • All the changes are saved in real time, and there is no need to take pictures of your office whiteboard and send them via email or search for a sticky note somewhere on the floor.
  • Compatibility with various types of content – use digital stickies for tasks on your online Agile Board, add shapes and diagrams, visuals, videos and documents to keep everything in one place.
Tip: Use different sticky notes colors for different types of tasks. You can code them by the name of a team member, type of activity, size of the task or priority. This will help you see the similar tasks at one glance even if your board becomes really huge.
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When you open a new board in RealtimeBoard, you have instant access to a dynamic toolbox. Our clean, inviting interface takes the complexity out of collaboration. In just minutes you'll have a professional Agile Board that's ready to share.
Get more work done by sharing the board with colleagues, clients or friends. Collaborate in real-time and see all the changes instantly, or work across continents and time zones while still staying on the same page.
Ready to be used
Ready to be used
Add files, images and documents from your computer and Google Drive, or explore the built-in collections and integrated libraries of icons, wireframes and other content ready to be used on your boards.
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