RealtimeBoard Examples

Take a look at these awesome boards that can be used
for different types of activities
Visual planning
Create agile and scrum boards online, work with timelines
and calendars and share your boards with your team.
I'm a product manager at an SF tech company and I love your UX/UI and the functionality of what RTB does.
When I do need to diagram something important for our distributed Management, Dev, and Support teams,
it's a life saver.
Oliver Armstrong
Oliver Armstrong,
Product Manager at Instapage
Service and Product design
See how RealtimeBoard templates can help you discover
your customers needs and improve your products and services.
Using RealtimeBoard since they moved to HTML5 is a pure joy.
Fluid, easy, intuitive and helpful in everyday work.
Marin knežević
Marin knežević,
Work on your strategy using the collection of simple visual tools that help you describe
all the important aspects of your business on one page.
We were looking for a tool were we could visualize the creative process and collaborate with both colleagues and customers.
Currently we are using RealtimeBoard for most of our customer pitches, and we are happy with the tool as it saves us a lot of time
and improves collaboration.
Robin Weiss
Robin Weiss,
Brainstorming and note-taking
Learn how endless boards can be used for idea generation
and organizing thoughts visually.
RealtimeBoard gives us a place we can create flexible story timeline and start to stitch together a film we feel can
do the subject matter justice. We love how clean the interface is, the user interaction is snappy, and since we're a distributed team
being able to collaborate visually in real-time is really important.
Jake Schumacher
Jake Schumacher,
App: The Human Story
Business Analysis/Strategy
Learn how endless boards can be used for idea generation
and organizing thoughts visually.
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