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Design Thinking stages
Stage 1: Researching and
defining the problem
Discover insights about your customers, visualize and share results of your research with your team using empathy map template
Stage 2: Ideating
Try sketching, brainstorming and mind mapping to unlock creative potential of your team. Do it online even if you are located in differents states or countries
Stage 3: Prototyping and Iterating
Make your ideas tangible with our online sketching features and wireframe tool. Design, discuss and get feeback in one shared collaborative space

Customer Journey Map
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Mind Map
Design Thinking templates
See how RealtimeBoard templates can help you discover your customers' needs and improve your products and services
Cultural perspective involves identity of symbols. The uses of words that are related with the image, the use of heroes in the image, etc.
Use RealtimeBoard Customer Journey Map template to visualize your clients' path.
Mind mapping is one of the best ways to organize your thoughts and bring them to life in visual form.

RealtimeBoard gives your team context when you move from one Design Thinking stage to another
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Effective Remote Design Thinking: Upwork's Lessons
in Creative Collaboration at a Distance
Success Story
Why Upwork achieves success?
Upwork is a company that prides itself on supporting global freelancers working remotely. Recently, the company has undergone a major shift embracing Design Thinking across its product organization. Committed to "Drinking it's own Champagne", members of Upwork have undertaken a set of efforts to scale Design Thinking across its globally distributed organization of remote workers.
There are a variety of remote collaboration tools out there and they keep getting better. We've found that the combination of a strong remote conferencing tool, a virtual whiteboard, and a collaborative document creation tool are table stakes.
Mark Shekoyan, Senior UX Researcher at Upwork

Design Thinking
Empathy Maps
User Personas
Design Thinking articles from our blog
Read our article that was shared 500+ times on social media by Design Thinking professionals accross the globe.
This article is brought to you by Brent Heckerman, Customer Success Champion at RealtimeBoard. Brent talks about 3 things needed to fuel long term success implementing Design Thinking in your organization.
Management consultant and design thinker Judit Kertesz created a step by step guide for creating user personas.

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