Things to do in RealtimeBoard

See how you can simplify your workflow with collaborative whiteboards:
plan visually, work on your products, organize thoughts and more
Collaborate with your
remote team
Work on product
and service design
Brainstorm, collect
and organize ideas
and present
Comment on
images and documents

Collaborate with your remote team

RealtimeBoard is the easiest way to stay on the same page
with your team. Use it as an endless shareable space for
sketching out ideas, or manage complex projects at any stage.

No need to waste time settings up — invite your collegues
and start working right away!
Collaborative whiteboard

Work on product and service design

Infinite canvas and built-in design thinking templates make
RealtimeBoard a perfect tool for product and service design.
Collect references, add post-it notes, prototype, iterate and
share with your team, customers and audience.
Service design

Brainstorm, collect and organize ideas

Host brainstorming sessions with remote participants from across
the globe. Start with the available templates to get instant
results, or ditch them and get creative with your own techniques.

Upload images, videos, add post-its and drawings — break free
of lists and grids, and work in the way that makes sense to you
and your team.

Plan visually

Feeling overwhelmed with a large project or task? Visualize your
plans to get a clear picture and understanding of the upcoming

Create kanban boards and timelines, bring your team
in and manage the big picture to get the best results.
Visual planning

Create wireframes

Create wireframes for your future app or website in minutes.
Use the built-in interactive library of UI elements, search for
thousands of icons on Iconfinder and get instant feedback
from your team or clients.

See the whole process at a glance — from idea
to finished design.

Make presentations and explain ideas

Explain ideas and concepts remotely with schemes and mind maps,
just like you would when using a simple whiteboard. Add advanced
features like Screen sharing and Video chat into the mix for the
ultimate face-to-face experience.

Convert your boards into presentations in a matter of minutes
using the Frames tool, and share them with the outside world.

Comment on images and documents

Let's face it, email and chat are not the best tools for gathering
feedback on your latest design or idea.

Upload images and documents from different sources to the board,
and get actionable input with pinned comments and intuitive
annotation tools.
Comment on images

Take notes

Free your mind from having to recall everything — take notes
and collect findings in RealtimeBoard on your desktop or tablet.

Make use of the free-form space, add images, post-it notes
and map things out just the way you need it.
Collaborative whiteboard Service design Brainstorming Visual planning Wireframes Presentations Comment on images Note-taking
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