(English) Remote Agile teams, their problems and aha’s by Mingle Analytics

Natalie Nedre | 0 мин.

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Natalie Nedre: Content Marketer and External Communications Manager at RealtimeBoard

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  • Hi, thanks for the article. It helped me a lot. I know it is out of subject but Just curious, Did you abandon Skype? I wonder how your team communicate to each other except Realtime Board.

  • Hello, seobyeongky - We still use Skype for Business. SFB is great for one-on-one meetings, and for group presentations (department, team, company) where it is presentation-based, not collaboration focused. We use it for messaging each other for quick questions (IM) and we also use SFB with vendors and customers. RealTime Board is a very powerful tool in our set of remote communication tools that have really helped us build a strong (getting stronger) remote workforce.

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