(English) Online Scrum board: how certified Scrum Master applies RealtimeBoard to Agile practices

Natalie Nedre | 0 мин.

Ron is updating a physical card wall for a collocated training

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Natalie Nedre: Content Marketer and External Communications Manager at RealtimeBoard

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  • Thanks for sharing, Ron. I'm looking forward to giving RealtimeBoard a try myself. Do you find that, in story sizing, the Fibonacci numbers are always used in sequence starting from 1? In other words, do teams ever skip over a number because they feel the next set of stories is larger?

    • Usually, sizing a project's entire backlog, teams I train have 60 or 80 or as many as 150 stories that we relatively size in 3-4 hours. (It's a wonderful technique, Steve, and I thank you for it!

      With that many stories, I don't find many teams that skip over a number, but I suspect it has happened.

      I have seen teams that look at the smallest of the small stories and declare they're too trivial to be a '1'. It might be a story that someone says they could literally step out of the room and accomplish. I've seen some teams mark those as "trivial" and others give them 0.5 or even 0.25. There are so few of them and they add up to so little that they're basically lost in the "noise".

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