Q&A with Ola Möller from Methodkit, an offline visual tool

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We all love digital, but sometimes we see analogue tools with thrill us. Today we are happy to introduce you MethodKit, an offline visual tool created by Ola Möller, Swedish designer. We really love the tool – it’s useful, visual and looks really great! Ola told us about MethodKit cards, use cases and his creativity secrets. Go ahead and learn something interesting!

What is MethodKit and it’s story? How the idea of MethodKit was born?

MethodKit are stacks of cards that summarize different fields/subjects. Like the for Dummies books but instead chopping up an area into 50 relevant pieces. It started with me needing a tool to faster define projects and check that I didn’t forget anything important. The cards was a good way of creating something valuable of the time I evaluated and reflected on me and how other people do projects (but also find their personal direction).

I did almost 500 in-depth ½ hour interviews the last years with everything from Advertising CEOs, mid-east human rights activists to start-up founders. That really was a good foundation along with my own experiences and checklists online that already summarized things. Three important parts of creating a kit. Experience, interviews, checklists from blog posts/books on the field.


What are the core values?

Simplicity along with the will of not telling people exactly how to do. MethodKit is a tool that people can use the way they want. The cards in the MethodKits give a visual summary over a field.

What companies use MethodKit? Could you share some interesting/ favorite stories?

Most people that use MethodKit are project managers, coaches, innovators or creators. A girl in Brazil got really angry because the MethodKit for Personal Development she has ordered was late. Her work with her own personal development has stopped she said. We really became flattered by that comment.


Many big companies use MK. Last week we had orders from SVT (Swedish Public Service), Volvo Concept Center & ABB. IKEA, Samsung, Dropbox, Apple & Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs are amongst the users.

I know that MethodKit is not the only project you are working on. What are the others?

We have some ideas about bringing MethodKit back to digital. So we are experimenting a bit with that. I’m also involved with unMonastery. The answer to what monasteries would be if they would be reborn in the 21th century. We have our first prototype taking place in Matera in south of Italy. The project is really a community project with many people that have been involved over time since we started it in the summer of 2012. In the past I’ve been very involved with citizen journalism through The Photo Book about Sweden & Georgia Stories.

What are your “creativity secrets”? Maybe you can give some tips to our users?

Think i’m a product of studying and trying so many different things. Everything from all courses I could take in maths in high school to studies in psychology, international relations and metacognition. I’ve also been doing computer graphics and illustrations since 1995. Many years of practice. I think I’m very stubborn with executing ideas, without that trying and believing that it eventually will work have been the real key though.

You can always learn more about MethodKit at their website or Facebook page.

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