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Natalia Okulova | 3 min read

If you are interested in guest posting for Think it by RealtimeBoard, we will be happy to work with you!

Some words about us:

RealtimeBoard is the simplest visual collaboration and online whiteboarding platform designed for agile product teams, UX/UI designers, project managers, consultants and creatives, and has more than 1 million users. Being real fans of team collaboration, we shared our experience of remote collaboration in our blog. As our users and reader base is constantly growing, we’ve decided to go further, and take our content strategy and blog to a new level. Now we have a name for our blog — Think it, which relates to the first stage of the agile process, made famous by Spotify. We also have the mission behind this name: Empower your team to create the next big thing. Having this name and mission, we are aiming to:

  • make our blog the first destination for our target audience when they need answers to questions regarding team collaboration and achieving shared mindset, new ideas and product creation within a team, or fresh thoughts on the creation of the next big thing
  • continue to create content with users’ beneficial experiences
  • give our readers opportunity to learn from others, so we are focusing heavily on practical materials.

Target audience

The people we work and write for are agile product teams with product managers, UX and UI designers, agile coaches inside these teams and project managers. Quite a broad audience you may say, but they are all our regular users, so we cater for all of them.

Blog post requirements:

Expertise: You must not only know a lot about the subject you’re writing about, but must practice it as well.

Usefulness and case study format: Think it readers mostly have experience in a particular topic, or are even professionals with solid experience. They are looking for valuable experience and findings, so it is more applicable if you can explain how to apply them for other businesses.

Original content: The post must be original content for our site (it hasn’t been published elsewhere).

Your post must relate to:

  • Product managers, UX/UI designers, agile coaches or project manager workflows. For example, product manager workflow areas: setting roadmaps, creation of user stories, user research, etc.
  • Collaboration pains and how to overcome them. For example, how to get a shared team mindset through collaboration.
  • The next big thing: related challenges and your thoughts on how to deal with them, importance of collaboration and a shared mindset, finding inspiration for your next big thing. Thoughts on the next big thing can be accepted in essay style with your unique thoughts on the topic.

Actionable takeaways: After reading your blog post, the readers must get useful takeaways that they can implement in their business processes.

Deliverables, formatting and style:

  • Word count must be above 1,200 words (but preferably 2000+).
  • Write in short paragraphs making correct heading highlights (H1, H2, etc.), so readers can easily go through your article.
  • Use capitalization for headlines.
  • Include trustworthy links and images.
  • Please send the post to us in a fully-formatted Word or Google Doc – headings + images + links included.
  • Also send a short bio and headshot (JPG or PNG format, not more than 1 Mb) together with the article, so we can add you as our blog contributor.

How to reach us?

If you are interested in contributing to the Think it blog please:

  • send an email to
  • pitch a story headline that you’d potentially like to write, taking into account our target audience and content strategy
  • include your article description (3-4 sentences) or share the article if it is ready
  • share some background on yourself, including your position title and the name of the company that you are representing

Please note that we need to see a full article draft before we accept it — even if we’ve accepted the headline and pitch, and even if you’ve written for us before.

Please also note that all the text, including the headline, may be edited according to RealtimeBoard tone of voice, writing style and visual guidelines.

Benefits of writing for us

  • More than 1 mln users use RealtimeBoard.
  • Our average number of monthly blog readers is already about 13k.  
  • We include your name and photo, together with a short bio and link to your social profile or website.
  • Once we publish your post, we’ll help promote it and hope that you’ll do the same through your channels as well.

Let’s together help others create the next big thing!

RealtimeBoard Team

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