Online whiteboard designed
for agile product teams

Manage your backlog, feature planning, user story mapping, concept design
and review processes using the simplest visual collaboration platform
Wath the video
Use the infinite canvas and a wide range of tools created
for agile teams to organize your teamwork in a simple and visual way
Agile project management

Join thousands of businesses who use RealtimeBoard
to boost collaboration

How it works

Agile board
Customer journey map
Design workflow
User story map

Start with familiar layouts

Pick our hand-crafted templates to fire up your teamwork and get a head start on any task — scrum and kanban boards, user story maps, retrospectives and others.
Idea management

Add your tasks and ideas in one click

Add dozens of sticky notes with your feature ideas from backlog, feedback notes or developers tasks in one click — just copy and paste them from any spreadsheet or use bulk add mode to put them on your online whiteboard.
Easy set up

Easy set-up

Invite your team and start collaborating right away just like on a real whiteboard. It's super simple and takes only 5 minutes to learn the tools and start working.
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Collaboration for the entire organization

We understand that Agile teams need to work together wherever they are. With RealtimeBoard you can collaborate across countries and timezones in real time, working on Scrum meetings, sprint planning and retrospectives involving the whole team. Use screen sharing and video chat to make sure everyone’s engaged.
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Visual platform that your whole team
will fall in love with

For PMs
For UXers and designers
For Engineers
Product roadmap
Collaborate in real-time and see all the changes instantly, or work across continents and time zones while still staying on the same page. Get extra features such as Video chat and Screen sharing for your whole team.
Make design research using infinite canvas and sticky notes, collect references and customer feedback in one place to create better products. Create interface maps and user flows using built-in libraries and external content.
User story mapping
Create flowcharts and diagrams to describe complex processes and discuss them with other team members in real time or asynchronously.

Even more collaboration features
to boost your team productivity

Simple sharing
Invite your team members via email and manage their access rights easily. Share with guests via URL links.
Centralized comments
and conversations
Leave feedback directly on the item you're referring to and forget endless email chains and chats with vague comments about "that blue button on the left". Use @mentions to notify the right people.
Slack integration
Slack integration
Send comments and mentions to Slack channels to get instantly notified about updates on the boards.
JIRA integration
JIRA integration
Turn JIRA issues into the handy cards on your whiteboard to visualize anything. Share your vision with the whole team and get instant feedback.
Mingle analytics
RealtimeBoard became an integral part of our retrospectives and story point meetings, solving many of our previous challenges. With RealtimeBoard we aren’t just sharing a screen, or sharing a whiteboard managed by one driver — we truly collaborate.
Bobbie Manson,
Scrum master at Mingle Analytics

Join thousands of businesses who use RealtimeBoard
to boost collaboration