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Seamless team communication

Never get lost in endless email chains and numerous messengers — gather feedback and provide comments, mark things up and see the updates in real-time.
Kate Hanson,
Software Europe

Flexible space easily customizable for your purposes

Infinite canvas, whiteboarding toolkit and powerful libraries help you visualize and organize your thoughts and projects. RealtimeBoard is perfect for early stages of any project — from research to concept mapping.
Vicke Cheung,
graphic designer at Distilled

One stop place
for all your information

RealtimeBoard allows you to keep everything that you need on a daily basis in one place. Use it to store post-it notes, images, videos, documents, spreadsheets, Google Drive files and more.
Balazs Csikesz,
Bachelor Student at Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt

Manage the big picture
without losing the details

See how your ideas and projects grow, iterate and stay organized. Zoom in and out to see the big picture, or go into important details whenever you need it.
Robin Weiss,

Have a whiteboard at hand anywhere

RealtimeBoard is a powerful digital whiteboard in your hands —
work in the office or run it on your tablet while on the go.
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